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Fees and Estimates

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Your safety and satisfaction is the prime concern of your anaesthetist however, Governments and other parties require that financial issues be addressed and that whenever practical, an estimate of fees be provided to patients.

The fee for your anaesthetist is separate from the fees charged by your surgeon and the hospital. You should be aware that Medicare and / or your Health Fund rebates do not cover the full cost of this fee in most cases. The difference between the fee charged and the rebates receieved is known as the "gap" or "out of pocket expense". This gap will be your responsibility and may need to be paid prior to your surgery. The amount of this gap varies greatly between Health Fund insurers and may also be affected by the complexity and duration of your surgery.

Wherever possible our estimating staff will provide you with an estimate of your anaesthesia fees prior to your procedure. Whilst every effort will be made to advise you of these fees well in advance of your surgery date, it is not always possible to do so. The anaesthetic rooms often only receive notification of patients details a couple of days prior to the surgery date.

To ensure you are fully informed well in advance of your surgery, we strongly recommend you make contact with our office once your surgeon has confirmed your procedure date.

Even if you do not have a definite date, contact with our office will enable us to provide you with a "general" estimate of fees.

Our 25 associate members are individual specialists and as such, all have their own schedule of fees.

When ringing for an estimate of fees, please have the following information available to assist our staff:

Patient name
Date of birth
Contact Phone number
Date of Surgery
Health Fund name
Surgeons Name
Surgical item number and / or description of surgery / estimated length of surgery

If you would like to email us for an estimate, please use the form below. An estimate of fees will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your submission.


Date of surgery*:
Date of Birth*:

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